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Quantum Parametrics LLC (QP) began operation in April of 2000. Since that time QP has established itself as the leading provider of IEEE-1394 testing services and tools. In 2002 QP became the designated services provider for the 1394 Trade Association’s Logo Program.

In 2005 invented a 100% compatiable extension to IEEE-1394 called VersaPHYTM. QP has standardized VersaPHY through the 1394 Trade Association with the development of several VersaPHY based specification: VersaPHY Additions to IEEE-1394, VersaPHY GPIO Profile, VersaPHY I2C Master Profile as well as VersaPHY power management in the 1394 Automotive Copper specification.

With IEEE-1394 experience dating back to 1992, QP is uniquely positioned to provide 1394 based products, testing tools and services. Since 1997 the principles of QP have been involved in testing silicon (both PHY and Link) and end user products for compliance to IEEE-1394 and interoperability with other products.  

Quantum Parametrics is a member of the 1394 Trade Association. QP is not only a member but plays a very active role within the 1394TA. Richard Mourn, President of QP, was on the Board of Directors of the 1394TA and continues to support the industry through his role as Chairperson of the Compliance and Interoperability and Industrial and Imaging Working Groups. Richard is also the primary author of the Simple Test Protocol Specification, Base 1394 Test Suite Definition, Point-to-Point Private Plugfest Guideline, and the Network Test Suite Definition. In addition, both Richard and Denis Ramirez of QP are the editors and technical contributors to the 1394 OHCI Test Specification. Barry Walker, also from QP, is the primary author of the VersaPHY Additions to IEEE-1394, VersaPHY GPIO Profile, and VersaPHY I2C Master Profile specifications.

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TM - VersaPHY is a trade of Quantum Parametrics LLC, a Colorado Company. Quantum Parametrics and VersaPHY technology patents pending.